Tudo Ben in Glenorchy, New…

Tudo Ben in Glenorchy, New...

Photo Caption: Tudo Ben in Glenorchy, New Zealand

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From Benjamin about this image:

Location : Glenorchy, New Zealand
This shot was really challenging for me, indeed because of the very powerful light source in the middle of the composition (plus another one behind me), the dynamic range was huge and this light was casting ugly flares on all my images.
After several unsuccessful attempts I took 9 shots with different time exposure to capture all the range of light of this scnene.
Then come the funky part of the job : manually blend them in Photoshop. The processing was a bit experimental for me, it was the first time I tried to blend so many different exposures together !
I think I’ve managed to do a decent work but I wonder if I rather should have done a composite, using a brigther shot taken earlier for the foreground. Would have been much easier and maybe more aesthetic ?.
However I think it was really interesting and funny trying to work only with this tricky natural light.
PS : English is not my first language, I apologize for any mistakes I could have done writting this post. 😉
Nikon D5300
Nikkor 35mm 1.8
– 3 horizontal shots vertical panorama (taken at 35mm)
– sky ISO 4000 f2 13s
– foreground ISO 4000 f6.3 multiple shutter speed (used 8 exposures for dynamic range)

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