Larryn Rae at Milford Sound…

Larryn Rae at Milford Sound...

Photo Caption: Larryn Rae at Milford Sound

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From Larryn about this image:

This is probably one of the single greatest nights of photography I’ve ever had. Having wanted to get here and shoot for a very long time, it was on my top 5 astro bucket-list in New Zealand. I arrived to near perfect conditions and considering this is one of the wettest parts of NZ, it was pretty special.
Milford Sound is a long and rugged drive, even just to get to and then you never really know what the weather will do as it is one of the most remote, wild and raw parts of our country. It is also considered one of the great natural wonders of our planet which added to the occasion.
I was shooting in near pitch black conditions with a rising tide that I could not see, there were other photographers around, so in such an incredible location I was hesitant about using any light source that could interfere.
As I started the capture I was truly mesmerised by the night sky here…with a ton of airglow in some of the darkest skies I have shot with to date, the sky just came to life!
and the rest is all in the RAWs!
Canon 6D | Sigma ART 24mm | ISO12800 | ƒ1.4 | 10secs x 44 images stitched.

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