Josiah William Weitzel in the…

Josiah William Weitzel in the...

Photo Caption: Josiah William Weitzel in the Mt.Baker Wilderness area

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From Josiah about this image:

1) COMPOSITE – one image for the foreground & another for the sky, each taken on the same day with the same tripod & camera, but with different lenses and ISO’s.
2) STORY/LOCATION – This is my last Milky Way Monday post for awhile, but it is one of my favorites so far. Both images were taken from a recent trip to Washington in the Mt.Baker Wilderness area. The image of the sky was taken just a few hours after sunset while the foreground was taken before sunset. I was so very fortunate to get to travel to Washington for the first time for a business conference – I was luckier yet that it happened to fall during a new moon and on one of the last months to really capture the Milky Way. After hiking to the top of the mountain and taking Artist Point trail I patiently waited for night to fall. I was so worried as the sun set and ominous clouds rolled in, but after patiently waiting 2 hours the clouds completely disappeared and I was able to spend ample time star gazing and photographing the beautiful night sky. I was also able to practice using my iOptron Sky Tracker for the second time. For this sky image I did not use my tracker.
4) EXIF – Taken with my Canon 6D w/ Sigma 14mm @ f2.2 ISO 1600 for 30 seconds (for the sky) same camera w/Tamron 24-70 @ f16 ISO 100 with multiple exposures for an HDR (for the foreground)

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