Joshua Crites in Santa Cruz…

Joshua Crites in Santa Cruz...

Photo Caption: Joshua Crites in Santa Cruz

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From Joshua about this image:


Santa Cruz, California
I LOVE ASTRO PHOTOGRAPHY and this image is special to me because it’s a new composition I had envisioned in my head since April but I wasn’t sure if it would even be possible due to the light pollution and tides. This small section of beach is only accessible during a low tide. After some research I found a couple days that looked promising. I invited my friend and great photographer @sheaohlott along for this test shoot I had dreamed up, plus two is better than one when there’s a potential for danger. We had about 1 hour before the tide trapped us against the cliff. The waves were big and were growing with intensity which required me to focus most of my attention on the ocean. In between the waves I would quickly shift my focus back to the shot, and then back to the waves. During this very shot I was looking at the water when suddenly a bright light lit up the foreground, I looked up and was AMAZED to see the biggest and brightest shooting star I’ve seen all year. Shea was set up right next to me and we were both blown away by what we just seen. “Did you get that?” he said. Our shutters were still open and we waited to see what the LCD showed us. Yes I got it! This was a glorious night. Thank you God for the amazing light show and thank you Shea for the chocolate shake after. This is my favorite MW image this season because of all of the conditions and variables that came together perfectly on this night. I blended the water on the left in this shot but everything else is a single frame. Hope you like it.

Canon 6D w Tamron 15-30mm F2.8
15mm, ISO 5000, F/3.2, 13sec
Edited in Lr and PS

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