Quanah Parker Johnson in Monument…

Quanah Parker Johnson in Monument...

Photo Caption: Quanah Parker Johnson in Monument Valley

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From Quanah about this image:

Pano 9 shot
I live in Monument Valley UT/AZ and I have seen this old abandoned hogan, a hogan is a Navajo traditional home, located way back in a canyon near Teardrop arch. To access this arch you need to be a local or on a guided tour to tear drop arch in Monument Valley, UT/AZ. The destination is in a canyon called horse pasture canyon and is right next to Gouldings Campground. A 4 wheel drive vehicle is essential because of the very sandy roads going through the wash in the canyon and will take about 20 minutes to reach. There are a lot of roads all over the place and the abandoned hogan is a little before you reach Teardrop arch.
I have passed by the abandoned hogan while giving teardrop tours, and I noticed the roof had collapsed, maybe from a heavy snow. So I had been thinking about going out at night to shoot stars through it. I shot this on October 23, the moon was setting around 9:20 pm and the galactic center of the Milkyway is disappearing around the same time so I was able to shoot this scene with the logs blocking out the sliver of the moon.
Setting up the shot is so exciting, especially for trying to get the whole inside of the hogan so I used my Rokinon 14mm with my Nikon D 750 with settings to 6400 ISO and aperture at F 2.8. The lighting was tricky, but I managed to shine a light in back of me and the reflected light for 10 seconds was perfect for me. I shot a total of 9 shots vertically from left to right at 20 seconds. It was so fun shooting this I could not wait to get home and import everything onto Lightroom. I rent Lightroom monthly and I really love the pano stitch, I used spherical and boundary warped it to 100. I noticed a slight distortion with the logs overhead of me as they are slightly bending but I was very satisfied with the outcome.

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