Raf Coutinho near Clermont-Ferrand —…

Raf Coutinho near Clermont-Ferrand —...

Photo Caption: Raf Coutinho near Clermont-Ferrand

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From Rafael about this image:

FB : facebook.com/RafaelCoutinhoPictures/
IG : instagram.com/raf.pictures/
Website : www.rafael-coutinho.com
This a sequel of a picture made in 2015 ( fb.com/RafaelCoutinhoPictures/photos/a.1018259378208400.1073741829.942001605834178/1056812741019730)
This spot/view is quite a classic in my area, there is a lot of pictures both day and night.
The hike is not really a long one but you’ll have to sweat a little there. This particular night the wind was really strong, so I stayed dodged not to freeze there,even in plain summer.
For this new version I wanted to align th milky way with the wooden path. There is not so much moments during the year to do so, late July was my time ! Since the clouds were playing with me, I played with them also :p
This spot benefits from light pollution from the near town (Clermont-Ferrand) so it is quite natural to emphasis on the foreground.
Wind apart, its was a very nice moment shared with Thibaut Guerin and Nicolas Aymard
1×20″ iso 6400 for the sky
5×20″ iso 6400 median stacked for the foreground
10×20″ iso 6400 median staked for the background
1×20″ iso 3200 for the highlight on the mountain
d610 + Samy 14mm f/2.8
(I forgot to mention, this is a manually blended focus stacked picture … some would guess it by the exifs 😉 )

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