Elli Müller South of Würzburg,…

Elli Müller South of Würzburg,...

Photo Caption: Elli Müller South of Würzburg, Germany

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From Elli about this image:

I recived a Starwatcher Adventurer Mini as a birthday present a week ago. Two days later on the first day of christmas we had a clear night (something I waited for so long since I bought myself a new Sony Alpha M2). My fiance and I waited until the moon finally went down on midnight and drove to my favourite place 30 minutes south of Würzburg, Germany. Of course the light pollution is still very strong there but it is the best point for me near the place I live. And I so love that spot for that single tree that stands directly beneath the field road…
It took me about 30 min to set up the tracker and to make my first try with a mount ever in the darkness. And then i made a handful of shots with different appertures and exposure times. Unfortunately the 20mm Samyang is not the best with coma at wide aperture, I had to stop down between f5.6 and 11 to get some clearer results (otherwise it is my new favourite lens!). I forgot to make some darkframes, too… hello hot pixels!
The post processing was a bit tricky for me. I used Sequator for the first time ever. Such a nice programme! But I stacked all of my tracked images and forgot to take out that ones with wider aperture. I think that’s why the big stars got a bit blurry. But I loved the result, too, so here it is!!
Sony Alpha 7m2
Samyang 20mm
Star adventurer mini
Foreground: 3 minutes, f 4
Stars: 5 or 6 exposures between 120 and 180s, f 2.8 to 11
Processed with Sequator, Photoshop and Lightroom

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