Happy New Year everyone! We’re…

Happy New Year everyone! We're...

Photo Caption: Happy New Year everyone! We’re starting off the year with Composite Week.. these are skies and foregrounds shot in different locations, or with different focal lengths, or different components of the image..
Eric Benedetti at Stanley Lake

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From Eric about this image:
I think that most people that know my work will be quick to jump on me for this, but Tracy Lee asked so here we go, a rare composite image I put together. I actually chose to pair these two shots because they aren’t all that far off in terms of matching focal length, the sky is only about 10% larger than the foreground. The sky I shot back in 2016 and is a mosaic/pano of six panels, each panel is a stack of 8 exposures shot with a Nikon D600 and Rokinon 85mm on an iOptron Skytracker tracking mount. The stack of 8 exppsures includes 2 of each at 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, and 2 minutes at f2.5 and ISO 400. The foreground is a pano of 3 exposures shot with a Nikon D800E and Sigma Art 50mm (2 minutes, ISO 1600, f1.4), and subsequently cropped to better match the sky, taken at Stanley Lake, Idaho this year (and yes, the reflection of the Mountain is a real reflection, not just mirrored in post processing). It’s tough to make these kinds of deep sky/terrestrial foreground composites look even remotely natural, I obviously don’t get a lot of practice with it, but it’s fun to try and test those PixInsight/Photoshop skills on something different.
Hope everyone has a happy New Years! Can’t wait to get back to shooting the core in a couple months so we don’t have to do these silly edits.

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