— Vincent Fennis in the…

--- Vincent Fennis in the...


Vincent Fennis in the Nederlands

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From Vincent about this image:

Foreground: picture by me
Night sky: picture by Derek Culver
Edit: by me
This is an image I wanted to create for quite some time now. During the spring in the Netherlands we have these amazing blooming flower fields (tulips, hyacinths, etc) which are already photogenic on their own. One of those sceneries became very popular amongst photographers, where there is an old shed in the middle of all the flowers which offers a very nice focal point in the image. However, in the Netherlands it’s very challenging to capture high quality night skies due to the immense light pollution we have. And I really wanted to make an image where I am able to show this scenery with the blooming tulips in combination with a very clear milky way. At that time I didn’t have the skills to create the composite image that I visualised in my mind. But fortunately I got some good advice + tips & tricks from astro photographer and digital artist Derek Culver, so I was able to create the image I wanted to create for a long time. Thanks dude for your quality videos and letting me use your night sky in this image. Since this is my first actual composite/blend I would really appreciate constructive feedback, cheers everybody!
foreground: 28mm f/11 ISO100 1/15 seconds
night sky (tracked): 35mm f/2.8 ISO800 120 seconds

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