Claudia Sölter at Frankfurter Golf…

Claudia Sölter at Frankfurter Golf...

Photo Caption: Claudia Sölter at Frankfurter Golf Club E.V..

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From Claudia about this image:

Panorama | Stack | Composite
I’d like to show you a composition of which I dreamed of – infraredphotography at full moon and the milkyway in one picture. Two years ago a friend of mine lend me a IR-modded camera and wanted me to use it for myselfs purpose. IR-photography ist one of my original passions and I did it intensively in the past. You can see here the Club-House of the Frankfurt-Golf-Club which is just around the corner to my home. For the FGC ist known as a high-society-club I first was sceptical if they would let me going on the holy green to take my pictures. So imagine my surprise as the female manager turned out to be a very polite an friendly person who wanted to support me completely without asking what I’m about to do with these pictures. Ok, in the end they had some benefit to support me for I captured also this foto (among others of course) and the club utilised this as cover-foto of the annual review 2015.
This combination (with the milkyway) yet is brand new and I gave it to the female manager as a christmas-gift, because currently (two years later) we’re still in contact and we both enjoy it!
CANON EOS 500D • CANON-Kit-Lens 18-55mm
f/5,0 • 600“ (40 x 15“, stacked) • ISO 3200 • panorama • 3 x landscape format • 19mm • October 2017
Sony Alpha 700 • IR-modded
f/5 • 30“ • ISO 400 • infrared • 720nm • panorama • 2 x landscape format • 35mm •October 2015

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