— Nate Rayfield at Gold…

--- Nate Rayfield at Gold...


Nate Rayfield at Gold Creek Pond

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From Nate about this image:

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I posted in this group. I saw the IG post about composite images, and I hope this entry isn’t too late. This idea came to me Christmas morning. A few days before Christmas, Snoqualmie pass received a a bunch of snow. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, so I set out to Gold Creek Pond for some photos. On my way in to the pond, I saw a car stuck in the snow. I decided to score some karma points and dig them out. While digging out the first car, a series of cars came down the road, all getting stuck as well (5 total). Having already lended a helping hand to car #1, I decided that I couldn’t pack up and leave everyone else. After 2.5 hours everyone was free but the sun had set and my photo opportunity was a busted, so I decided to come back early in the AM the next morning. Luckily a snowplow had cleared the road during the night, and I snagged the foreground that you see below along Gold Creek Pond Trail. I blended this with a MW shot from last summer to create a winter wonderland dreamscape!


Nikon D750
FG: 20mm f16 ISO100 1/80s (3-image focus blend)
S: 50mm f2.8 ISO1600 120s (3×2 tracked pano)
Processed in Photoshop & Lightroom
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