— Claudia Sölter at Mönchhofkapelle….

--- Claudia Sölter at Mönchhofkapelle....


Claudia Sölter at Mönchhofkapelle.

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From Claudia about this image:

Panorama | Stack | Composite
I found this little chapel once on a tour with my bycicle in a quite suprising area, because there it stands in a place with a lot of cargo-buildings around (and noise and light …).
And for my current hobby is to make some bicycle-tours by night (don’t ask me why), I wantetd to visit this idyll spontaneously again and at night.
What do you think? Was ist worth while?
One distance is 20km long (about 12,5 mi).
I already like the single shot but it was a joy to add the milkyway and the rays of light to add more dynamics to the picture.
CANON EOS 500D • CANON-Kit-Lens 18-55mm
f/5,0 • 300“ (20 x 15“, stacked) • ISO 1600 • panorama • 4 x landscape format • 24mm • August 2017
Sony Alpha 700 • f/10 • ISO 500 • detail of a panorama • 7 x upright format • 28mm • December 2017

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