Keith Burke at Dead Horse…

Keith Burke at Dead Horse...

Photo Caption: Keith Burke at Dead Horse Point
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From Keith about this image:

Nikon D750 | Nikon 14-24
Single Image @ 14mm | ISO 1600 | 25 Seconds | f/2.8
Taking advantage of some much needed down time as well as some rainy weather to go through some of my captures that I didn’t process earlier last year. This picture was taken on my first trip to Moab last season in early April. On this night, I photographed the night sky at Dead Horse Point State Park literally until the sun came up. This image was my last image of the night as the sun had begun to make itself visible on the horizon. The Milky Way can be seen fading away into the pre-dawn sky. The light from the soon to rise sun helped illuminate the canyons for my foreground.
This image was processed using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. As always, thank you for having a look. Hope you enjoy viewing the pic as much as I did capturing it.

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